The term designpreneur is coined to describe the phenomenon of innate entrepreneur inside a designer or the entrepreneurial effect of the design profession.

The concept has been developed based on the research project conducted for master’s degree dissertation on ‘Design, Strategy and Innovation’ at Brunel University (West London, UK), under supervision of Dr Brigitte Borja de Mozota. It has been introduced to the academic and professional audience in the International DMI Education Conference on ‘Design Thinking’ in 2008.

Designpreneurship, as a concept, still requires wider recognition within the related professional circles, much deeper investigation by researchers, and identification of its actual and potential impacts on today’s business and society. [Hovanessian, Nejdeh. Designpreneur's Discussion, 2013]

The designpreneur website has been created with the intention to create and share resources based on the subject, and also spawn new discussions around different issues related to ‘designpreneurship’ and to collect insightful comments and views from all ends of the designpreneurship fiel; i.e., design and entrepreneurship academics and practitioners, educators, etc.