Podcasts for Designers: The Ultimate List


A must watch for every designer: Mike Monteiro keynote 2015

Mike Monteiro: Keynote 2015 from Interaction Design AssociationPRO https://vimeo.com/121082134   Mike Monteiro: Keynote from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

Blogpost: Middle Eastern Designpreneur Of The Week: Laila Hassaballa

Blogpost available at: http://www.designs.net/blog/2016/08/04/middle-eastern-designpreneurs-of-the-week-laila-hassaballa/

TheBrainTwist: Resources and advice for entrepreneurs


Blogpost: Lean startup intro (with no buzzwords)

Lean gets bogged down in tactics & tools. This presentation is about what are the big principles behind lean startup. Lean startup intro (with no buzzwords) – The Startup Toolkit Blog.

Lean Stack Playbook

The Lean Stack Playbook transforms your favorite presentation application into a powerful innovation accounting framework that allows you to define, measure, and communicate progress with internal and external stakeholders.   http://spark59.com/leanstack    

leancanvas.com – Your Startup Blueprint

LeanCanvas.com is enabling you to create your own on-line Lean Canvas in a simple and straight-forward way. Lean Canvas: Your Startup Blueprint

LEAN UX and app development ‘on location’

Very interesting videos about Nordstroms idea exploration and development process. 1-week iterations on ideas using lean methods and real-time on-location user feedback and interaction. Original on LinkedIn by Eric Ries: How A Behemoth Like Nordstrom Learned to Act Like a Startup | LinkedIn   Here’s a great case study that answers a bunch of questions all ...

Steve Blank on Teaching and Practicing Entrepreneurship | New Relic blog

Steve Blank on Teaching and Practicing Entrepreneurship | New Relic blog By: David Spark | Posted in: http://blog.newrelic.com, Dec. 13th, 2012 Next Steps for Democratizing Entrepreneurship Step 1: Put the class online. Blank already has a free class called “How to Build a Startup” available atUdacity — but right now, it’s still just an audio book. Entrepreneurship is a hands-on practitioners’ skill, ...

Udacity – How to Build a Startup Course (EP245)

Learn the key tools and steps to build a successful startup (or at least reduce the risk of failure). An introduction to the basics of Steve Blank’s famous Customer Development process. Udacity – How to Build a Startup Course (EP245)