Blogpost: Middle Eastern Designpreneur Of The Week: Laila Hassaballa

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Blogpost: Lean startup intro (with no buzzwords)

Lean gets bogged down in tactics & tools. This presentation is about what are the big principles behind lean startup. Lean startup intro (with no buzzwords) – The Startup Toolkit Blog.

12 Tips for Early Customer Development Interviews

See blogpost at: Neo – 12 Tips for Early Customer Development Interviews Related posts: Marc McNeill’s 12 tips for customer development (a great complementary set of tips) Sean Murphy’s tips for customer development

Book: Lean UX

  Lean UX Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience By Jeff Gothelf Publisher: O’Reilly Media Released: February 2013 (est.) Pages: 250 Read more and order from Download: FREE Sample chapter    

Article: Entrepreneurship in Future Design Education

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENGINEERING AND PRODUCT DESIGN EDUCATION 8 & 9 SEPTEMBER 2011, CITY UNIVERSITY, LONDON, UK Article written by Jóhannes B SIGURJÓNSSON and Casper BOKS Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Trondheim, Norway ABSTRACT Design Methods and Design Thinking have become important elements in innovation and entrepreneurship processes. Introduction of design subjects into business and ...

Book: The Design Entrepreneur

This is a book by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico Link: The Design Entrepreneur.

Article: Designers Are The New Drivers Of American Entrepreneurialism

Designers are merging their ways of thinking with startup culture. The result, writes Bruce Nussbaum, is greater innovation and astounding VC success rates. Article available at:

Blogpost: What it Means to Have a Designer as a Startup Founder

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Blogpost: 9 Lessons from a Design Entrepreneur

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LEAN Startup

The LEAN Startup is a rapid growing movement and methodology for creating successful startups and businesses. If you are, are want to be a Designpreneur – you should really study this philosophy. As the name states, it is a methodology that is made specifically for Startups. However, as a designer you will recognize the underlying ...