LEAN Startup

The LEAN Startup is a rapid growing movement and methodology for creating successful startups and businesses. If you are, are want to be a Designpreneur – you should really study this philosophy.

The Lean Startup Book by Eric Ries

The Lean Startup Book by Eric Ries
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As the name states, it is a methodology that is made specifically for Startups. However, as a designer you will recognize the underlying philosophy of user/customer relations and feedback to guide the design process. You are very familiar with the concept of user-testing, and the importance of getting quality feedback from the real users of a product. The LEAN Startup methods totally agree with much of the design tools you already use – but it’s more about the framework in which you use these tools – the management of the information gathering, and the decisions you make on that data. It is built to increase the success factor of a business model creation – but can also be seen as a way to increase the success of a product design.


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