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The Designer Fund is an angel fund of designers. Our community gives angel funding, mentorship, and connections to entrepreneurial designers. Our mission is to invest in designers who create businesses with positive social impact. We accept applications and referrals from talented designers and match them with resources to succeed at any stage of their development, ranging from accelerator graduates to later stage companies post Series A financing. We also organize educational events, like the Designer Fair and Women in Design, and content such as the Designer Founders bookand infographic to distribute for public good and design students worldwide.


We believe that not enough designers are taking the path of entrepreneurship and creating positive social impact at scale with technology. In our research we’ve found systemic issues including a lack of entrepreneurial design education, successful peers who serve as role models and capital resources. We also believe that companies can be more successful if design, engineering and business talent collaborate from the beginning. Teams with a critical mass of these skills can ship higher quality products, craft better user experiences and communicate a brand that resonates more with consumers. Designers who are part of the founding team can make the most impact by championing the user experience, building an exceptional design team and sustaining a culture of design.