eBook: From Designer to Designpreneur

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An introduction to LEAN Startup methods, and how your UX Design skills are relevant to business modeling.


From Designer to Designpreneur PDF



Have you ever…

  • designed something awesome, and realized that nobody actually needed it?
  • dreamed about making a business out of your idea, but not knowing if it would sell?
  • thought about being an entrepreneur?
  • had difficulties explaining your values of your UX skills to a business person?
  • tried to manage a design process, but not having a good tool?
  • broken a stick?

Then this book has got some awesome stuff for you! 


Say whaaaaat?

This book introduces the principles and tools used by the LEAN Startup methodology, and shows how it relates to UX methods. The book provides a basic overview of the theory behind the tools, and how to use them in your own process. You can combine these tools with traditional tools, methods and processes that you already know from Interaction Design, Service Design, User-Centered Design, System Design, or more generally – UX Design.

If you are/will be working closely with non-designers, learning the vocabulary and methods of LEAN Startup can be a great tool for communication and a great advocacy for UX Design.

If you are a designer curious about the path of entrepreneurship, you will find a great help in understanding the concepts in this book. You can apply what you already know – in a business setting!

Look inside to read about the LEANmethods and why you should care!



From Designer to Designpreneur PDF