Article: Educating the Future Interaction Design Entrepreneurs

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A review of the growing culture of Designpreneurship in relation to the education of Interaction Designers.


This is an article written by Industrial Design student Dag Jomar Mersland. It is a very rough overview of the current state of Interaction Design education, and where it is or should go in the future.


This paper looks at the intersection of Entrepreneurship and Interaction Design (ID). We point out an emerging field of Design Entreprenurship, and why new and existing Interaction Design programmes should consider courses, programmes or initiatives that focuses on this unique ability. The paper looks at a sample of relatively known ID educational programmes, and a few initiatives that highlights the current state of ID education and also the growing opportunities. The paper discusses the importance of code and technology literacy in context of ID education and practice, and relates this as an important factor in Design Entrepreneurship.

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Educating the Future Interaction Design Entrepreneurs